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Getting started?

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Getting started with the system by:

  • Register an account
  • Manage group such as (student, teacher and staff)
  • Manage Section for class
  • Add/Upload bulk attendee list
  • Generate QR Code for the attendees
  • Create Reader Account (an account for Datang Reader apps)

How to use form?

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Form is to record the guest or visitor:

  • Custom setting for the current attendee to login
  • Enable temperature record
  • Custom greeting
  • Custom declaration
  • Generate and print signage of the QR Code

Time sessions and SMS notification?

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Time sessions and SMS:

  • School can have more than 1 session.
  • Set the time session
  • Optional feature to send sms if the attendee is attend or do not attend

How to use Datang Reader Apps?

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Datang Reader Apps:

  • Login reader account
  • Scan QR Code of the attendee
  • Key in the temperature

How to use Standing Thermometer with Datang Reader?

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How to use Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer in Datang Reader?

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